This Is The End

This course was very well planned out and I loved the organization for each week and each assignment. Even the readings and videos we had to watch were interesting and informative beyond the material for the course. Most of the course material consisted of reiterating information based on our own experiences with the World Wide Web and the social media sites that we use every day but I did learn some stuff that I didn’t know before.

One of the things that I learned from class was the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web. It is true that society does use these two terms interchangeably and actually learning what the difference is between the two is useful and insightful – and also makes you look a whole lot smarter!

Another interesting phenomenon I learnt about during this course was just how bad our disposal of technology is becoming and the whole problem of techno trash and also the lightbulb conspiracy. The lightbulb conspiracy was especially interesting because it did explain a lot about our failing household items and especially technologies – why they go on the fritz, stop working and just tend to frustrate us on a regular basis – it’s all greed for the big companies. That was really an interesting documentary and something that has just stuck with me since week 5. It makes you want to take a stand and change the ways of these greedy companies.

A look into Wikipedia and the conflicts going on there and the mock site for it, Wikipediacracy, was another aspect of this course that I found beneficial and educational. I always wondered who decided what was displayed on the page and who wrote, edited and monitored all of the information so to have that look behind the scenes and learn about the inclusionists and exclusionists was really quite interesting. Exploring the Wikipediacracy page was also eye opening and made you think about the original Wikipedia site and just how ‘reliable’ and dependant we are on it for information.

All of the information I have listed above are random facts and knowledge that I can use and share with others. This information isn’t useless or mundane like some course readings that can only be used inside that classroom or with peers in the same major as you, this information can be shared with anyone who uses the internet and world wide web and they will be able to relate because they use Wikipedia, have technological devices and other items that may be fixed to stop working at a certain time. The readings and blog responses in relation to them were quite beneficial and useful in getting us to think about this information. 


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