Technology Timeline

All the predictions about the future were right, we have become dependent on technology to the point where it rules versus the other way around. Today, I could not happily and fully function without my smartphone –which doubles as my ipod- and my laptop. Those are the two most essential technological devices in my life and I use them both on a daily basis along with the HDMI cord that I use to hook my laptop up to my television screen so that I doubles as a second laptop screen and my external hard drive which stores all of my movies, tv shows and backup music and picture files. I am attached to my phone to that extent simply because of my busy schedule between work, filming and having to constantly have it near me in case my agent calls for bookings. When I was told that I needed to be constantly checking my phone for these alerts I was not pleased, I do not appreciate being tethered to a device to such an extent.

 I bought my laptop the summer before I went to university, before I would use the desktop shared between my mom and myself. I updated my Blackberry Bold 9900 to my iPhone in February, my uncle gifted me the television and HDMI cord when I was moving to university and I bought my external hard drive to store my media. I have changed phones a few times mostly due to the fact that I have broken them or they are stolen. I have not yet replaced my laptop though I have wanted to many times because it freezes frequently and runs slow. This may be due to the fact that I have downloaded many programs on it and leave it running almost all day. I have also wanted to upgrade to a larger laptop, I didn’t expect mine to be this small but it’s still survived everything I’ve put it through so I do love it. This is the same reason I wanted to upgrade to an iPhone many times during my Blackberry phase but I had to wait until I was eligible for an upgrade.


I have a few phones that I still have lying around that I am no longer using. A Sony Ericsson and two Blackberry’s. I also have one of the first generation of iTouch iPod’s that I have neglected since upgrading to my iPhone. However, I’ve just realised that I can still load a lot of my music onto my still working iPod since the amount of music I can put on my phone is still limited, so I still have use for that faithfully working iPod.



When I am getting rid of old phones or gadgets I usually take it back to the store I bought it from as they usually know and have the means to dispose of them properly. Phone companies like Bell also give you credit towards accessories when you do this so that would be incentive for people to bring in and dispose of their devices properly. To be very honest, it irks me so much when I see people simply disposing of their devices any which way is convenient to them. I am a ‘go green’ person and try to consider the environment in everything. Recycling is important to me along with disposing of items like technological devices and batteries properly and even compost and actual garbage.

As for the social impact, nothing annoys me more than sitting with friends who are talking to you and texting at the same time. I have been known to take my friend’s phones away from them when we are together.  It is honestly shocking to me how anti-social people have  become and how okay they are with that being their personality now; they just accept that it is ‘difficult’ to have a conversation in person  and find it easier to text. It baffles me. I know a few people who have anxiety meeting new people and making friends in person but online they can do it without any qualms over a video game or social media – to me that is more frightening as you have no idea what they person you are talking to looks like.  They could be lying completely about who they are, at least in person you can read body language and gauge reactions for yourself. I simply can’t understand how a mobile phone can change centuries of human interpersonal interaction in such a drastic way – is that a comment on what we have allowed our society to become or on how weak certain individuals are? Natural selection taking place? 


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