Back to the Past: My Internet History

I first went online when we got our first computer in 2002 and I created my first email address. Luckily, I may have been the only 9 year who made a normal e-mail id at the time: When my mom and I both created our first e-mail addresses, she then showed me how to send an email and I was so confused at how it all worked. I didn’t believe it was instant and over a “computer” or a ‘network”, I didn’t understand how it worked – I thought it had to be printed out and mailed. Most of my early years were spent playing dress up games online or on msn or yahoo. I wasn’t allowed to chat on MSN messenger until I was in grade 7 and even then I was heavily monitored by my mom. A year or two later, I believe, I joined Hi5, the IT (at the time) social site before Facebook. I was very much an avid user of its fives and widgets and personalising your page – mine had Cinderella and Ariel on it, I miss that. In 2007, I received a friend request to join Facebook, I did and tried to understand it but I couldn’t, so I rejected it for Hi5 until early 2009. This was the year I also joined twitter. Around this time I also discovered Youtube. I was late to the Tumblr and Instagram game. When I did join Tumblr in 2011, it wasn’t long before I upgraded it to my own produser account.  I joined Instagram mainly to keep up with my favourite celebs. Now I use the web 24/7 to binge watch tv and movies and keeping up with music. It’s constantly enabling my pop culture junkie side, my shopaholic tendencies and research on topics I’m interested in.


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